Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,


I just have to say kernezelda and llscorpiusll have an amazing discussion going on over on Kerne's lj regarding Scorpy and John. Both have stated things that are just jaw dropping, and I've enjoyed reading it. Excellent points are made by both people.

This is one of the things I savor with Farscape, the passion of its fans for the characters. Discussions like this bring out insights that you normally wouldn't see on your own. That's one reason I also enjoy the interviews with the cast as well. There are two actors in the show that I really dig into the interviews and enjoy reading or watching them to learn more about what makes the characters tick. Ben being one, and the other is Wayne. Unfortunately, I haven't found too many interivews with him. So time to dig out the DVD with Wayne Pygram's interview again.
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