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Who the hell allowed Monday out of it's bedroom?

I woke up thinking it was Sunday until I realized my alarm clock hadn't gone off again. I swear I have the worst luck with alarm clocks.

Sadly, one of the pups (the brown one) passed away this morning by the time I'd popped over to mom's to take some more photos. Mom said he stopped eating last night so it wasn't unexpected though she had hoped he would hang on long enough for her to buy a milk supplement and a new bottle to hand feed him. The little girl is doing great though. I've personally started calling her Cleo (she just looks like a Cleo to me).

These are the best two I could get of Cleo,
she's a dang wiggleworm.

And two totally gratuitous shots of my baby.

looks like yoda is sticking his tongue out at me.
just shows you that even my dog is a smartass.

*note to self: straighten out your damn tags*
Tags: pets, photos, puppy spam, pups, yoda boy

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