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I just read Thea's Snorkeling Towards Ecstasy and good lord that was some hot shit. Unfortunately it warped my mind slightly because I had to stop a moment to answer the phone and well... Gilligan's Island was on the tv, showing Mr. and Mrs. Howell. I was still in the dirty frame of mind and suddenly I got the image in my head of Mrs. Howell shouting, "Ride me like the stud you are Thurston!!!"

I'll never be able to watch Gilligan's Island again in the same way.
Sorry, I had to share. *eg*

Because of my mother snurching a laptop for me for the weekend, I have been working on the 2 Johns story. I've actually made some progress with it. Hopefully I'll be happy enough with it to put up a snippet on either Sunday night or Monday morning.

I miss having Photoshop to play with, but I think that's also one of the reasons I haven't made much progress with fics lately. I'm seriously debating on whether I should re-install it once I get my computer back.

My brother went to the hospital last night with chest pains. The docs said there was nothing wrong, but still want him to see a specialist since he used to have a flutter in one of the valves of his heart when he was a kid. My mom thinks that maybe he was having an anxiety attack because our sister's birthday is coming up soon.

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