Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

bitch slaps computer

Remember yesterday when I said that the thing was running slow? Ummm...It takes 20-30 min to open 1 program at this time. So I'm on the Mummy's computer again. *gives own computer evil eye* I have GOT to quit being happy when it starts working. So I've got her shut down and she'll stay that way until the tech can fix her next week.

One good thing though about it...a friend of my mom's said to put the repair cost on his account with the guy. Thank god, cause I couldn't have afforded what this is going to cost. I would have had to sell one of the kids. Wait a minute...that's an idea. j/k *g* maybe.

But all of this made me miss the farscapefriday drabble for the pain subject. dammit! I thought today was Thursday until about..oh, twenty min ago. In other words, I had a walking brain fart there.

I'm like starting to go into withdrawls from not playing with Photoshop. It's driving me nuts. LOL

ETA: I went out last night and bought my first bottle of Bailey's. Shit that stuff is goooood! I put some in my chocolate milk, very large glass by the way, and damn...I was asleep by 9:30. LOL It doesn't take much with me.

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