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This is where you'd find an intelligent and witty subject line. It's gone on vacation.

Sometimes my compulsion to take unusual photos brings me to new levels of 'whaaaa?'

The other day M came by to have a quiet place to do her homework and as she was leaving we both noticed something on the riding lawnmower. I didn't think anything of it until she busts out laughing and says 'Look, those two ants are doing it!' I look more closely, see that she's right and immediately turn and run into the house for the camera. Thank god these two wanted to take their sweet time because it took me about five times to get the settings right and get a couple clear photos.

Hey... You don't see this every day.

two ants going to town
two ants going to town
if you click on this one to see it larger, i swear the one ant's hand is in the air saying 'ride me like a bronco, bigboy'. *veg*
two ants still going to town
two ants still going to town
what? you really want a reason on why i took photos of ants fucking?

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