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Hey, Y'all. Road Trip!

So as some of you on my flist know last year I took a wee road trip from Tacoma back to Tampa and that I'd taped bits and pieces (along with a couple voice post updates). Well, I finally got them off of the tape last night and considering the size I just put it up on my imeem account. Just to warn some of you with sensitive ears nearby there is some cussing in it. I know you're simply shocked about that revelation. *giggle* Oh and I should also let you know the angle sometimes isn't the greatest since I wasn't actually looking through the viewfinder because you know... I was driving. ;)

The clip starts out a little blurry because the auto focus decided to have a fit with the lighting and traffic but it does clear up. All of the commentary is directed at my family to rib me over later. Sorry for the bad singing. *blush*

Now you know just how much of a dork I really am.
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