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Computer is somewhat back to life. I found my mom's XP disk and after halcyon_shift helped walk me through all the mumbo jumbo, she came back to me, but it's running extremly slooooow. Computer tech is coming out next Thursday to completely fix and add the memory chips the right way. After hearing what I did to get Pip running again, he said he's amazed it's even working and if we had called yesterday, he would have fixed it then because now he's going to some festival and won't be back til next week.

Strike another one for my luck. :P On the other hand...Computers alive. YAY! *begins knocking on wood not to jinx it*

I noticed rubberneck was looking for a program to rotate wallpapers. This is the one that Scorpy808 posted about on Kansas a week or so ago.


Okay, back to looking surly at my computer while I just catch up on reading.

New wallpaper by Scorpy808:

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