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I feel ten pounds lighter

After much flip-flopping over whether to get it cut because I do look much better with longer hair (I am so tired of the migraines from having to wear it up and the heat rash on my hairline if I don't) I got it whacked. So I went from having hair just below my shoulders to this:

And color me surprised... everyone likes it! The older kids came up from the bus stop as I was coming out of my bro's and they started hootin' and hollaring. S called out 'sexy mama'. *snerk* H stopped as the rest of the kids walked on to their house and he was just a grinning like crazy and telling me how much he liked it, then he asked me to turn around to see the back and the boy actually fluffed it and said I should always get my hair done like that. He really does know how to sweet talk a girl. *g*
Tags: haircut, personal

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