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This is a test of Emergency Kaz System

This is only a test because I'm trying out a new Firefox extension called Deepest Sender. Hopefully this will tied me over until there's a working version of LiveJournal Hook to go with Firefox 3 because damn I miss that extension for formatting on comments and also having my little smilies readily available (so getting tired of having to hop over to Photobucket for them).

So far it's pretty cool but we'll see how good it does when I go to post a story or something complicated. *snerk*

Now it's time to go finish reading synecdochic's new Mezzanine story, Love Is A Verb. By the way if you haven't read ivorygates' newest addition to this wonderful, amazing, fucking phenomenal universe... The Captains and The Kings, what in the hell are you waiting for?!! (prepare to have your ever-lovin' mind blown)
Tags: emergency kaz system, fic rec, firefox, lj

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