Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Coincidence? I think not...

I noticed the other night that my one year anniversary of writing SG-1 is coming up (which funny enough falls not that long after the anniversary of when I started hanging around one Miss ivorygates, Enabler Extraordinaire.) Guess I need to actually post the... *goes off to count files*....three stories I have completed (they're glaring at me with their edits waiting to be finished) before the actual anniversary date gets here. *g* What's even funnier about that? I said I'd never write in any other fandom but Farscape. Though honestly, writing SG-1 still terrifies the hell out of me. I haven't branched off too far from writing Cam/Daniel even if I do have a big Cam/Teal'c fic I've slowly fiddled with. I'm too scared of messing up the characterization, plus there's the whole military thing. I've always been scared of that even with writing Farscape. There I try my best to sidestep writing anything about the Peacekeepers in depth. I can get the frame of mind, motivations and all that. It's the details of military life that freak me out.

riten is hrd
Tags: farscape, sg-1, writing

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