Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Yay! Ben Browder day

Yes, I'm being silly. But who the hell wants to be serious? I'm going to suffer through Charlie's Angles hell just to see Ben play *cough* Lee Majors. I'm forcing my mother to watch too. hehe

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of sitting around a hospital for most of the day while some doctor puts a wire up my mom's spine for a tens(sp?) unit. This will basically send, when she pushes the button, an electrical charge into her spine to help deal with her back pain. She doesn't like to take so many pain pills and this is an alternative if it works out.

I'll be taking Child of the Night by Crash with me to read, and also have my notebook to get some writing done on the HoS sequel. We're supposed to be there for about 8 hours. I'm not too worried about the procedure since they'll more than likely use an epidural for it, but you never know so I'll be doing the nail biting bit til I hear she's in the recovery room.

Okay, now off to cook dinner and to make sure my VCR is still set properly for the movie. *g*

ETA: I was just looking at halcyon_shift's website and just realized just how much she has catered to my insane ideas. *sends a big smothering hug to LD* Girl, you are way to nice to me. *writes note to finish LD's Harvey story ASAP*

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