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So I was reading a fanon vs canon thing for SG-1 (some of this stuff is hilarious!) and The Scourge was mentioned and I looked up the transcript to check something out and I saw that they had a translation of the Mandarin spoken and I ended up snorting my mocha latte out my freaking nose.
SHEN: (in Mandarin) How's your Mandarin?

DANIEL: (in Mandarin) Not as good as your English.

SHEN: (in Mandarin) It shows. (about Mitchell) You're bringing him along?

DANIEL: (in Mandarin) We have to baby-sit him.

Shen laughs appreciatively and Daniel smiles back at her.

MITCHELL: Yeah, that's very funny. (in Mandarin) Screw you!

Daniel does a quick double take and everyone looks at Mitchell, surprised.
Daniel's look at that is so damn funny.

Just had to share in case I wasn't the last person on the planet to have found this out.

By the way, I'd found the fanon vs. canon thing after I'd read this great story by Destina called Ciphers thanks to stargate_search.
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