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Fic Meme gakked from _minxy_

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories. Do you see any patterns?

There were a few I wasn't actually sure of since they were two stories in one.

1. I dreamt yesterday. Of a city in the desert, of a trench that stretched on for miles, that poured forth dreams, both real and nightmare.
2. They danced through the stars.
3. He rests one hand on the door, the other hovering just over the control to open it.
4. Finished playing at being just good friends out for a night of winding down after a tough week on the job, making a cursory stop for a movie and beer; the show ends as soon as Cameron locks the door to his apartment behind them.
5. Dusk til dawn.
6. John Crichton died…


7. Someone on the asteroid had talked, sent a signal out on sub-space, just under a leviathan’s range of hearing.
8. a) At Sam's wedding…
Cam is actually proud and a little wistful watching her standing beside O'Neill.
b) At Daniel's wedding…
He's in mourning, has been for just over a year; thirteen months and four days (each night he tells himself that he's done and won't count the next day) since he'd turned Jackson down one Friday night.

9. He’s been a son and brother, friend and crewmate.
10. Their breathing is in tandem with their hearts.
11. They worked side by side in silence, human and half-breed.
12. She walks into the bar and sits down.
13. Cool to the touch, the thoughts burned when they reached their way inside.
14. *ping*
15. He licks the soft hollow where her neck and shoulders meet, savoring the sweet taste of sweat and chakkan oil mingled together.
16. a) “This is my world, meat. You’re just walking through it for a very long time,” Stark circles the bed, confident – powerful in his created environment, “When your body is dead, your mind will live here with us, to strut and fret forever, you poor player."
b) There’s no one else in the room when John re-opens his eyes.

17. On Valldon.
18. “So a Banik and a Sebacean walk into a bar – stop me if you’ve heard this one.”
19. He fires the gun, ignoring the shots that fly by his head, and imagines it is Scorpius’ image he has killed.
20. a) The air inside the room is stifling under the weight of fear and sweat; soft hum of the chair fading as it slows to a stop.
b) He dozes off and on, sleep being the only true respite from the darkness that seeps into his bones as assuredly as the cold from the stones beneath his mat.
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