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My morning so far...

Ooo... look at me figuring out how to do the bullet point thingy on Semagic.

  • found out that my van that I'd been loaning to my brother and his girlfriend finally shuffled off this mortal coil. We'd been expecting it despite my bro's best efforts to keep it going. i paid seventeen hundred for it a few years ago and only drove it a total of three weeks i think because of being broke down and then not having money to run it for so long (which is why i had loaned it to my bro since he could do the upkeep and plus they needed a van to use with all the babies. hard to tote kids around in a small pickup truck).

  • woke up too damn early only to have it be for nothing.

  • listened to my mother bitching because T sold the van for $200 for scrap (all it was good for now) so they could pay their light bill. Yes, it was stupid for him to do without talking to me since it was my car. No, I'm not pissed because dude... light bill. She'd be bitching if he asked her for the money. She always finds something to complain about. Which is why I prefer to hide from the rest of humanity when she's around.

  • today is the first day of the school year. Woot!

  • figured i'd work on some the edits for one of about five (or seven) stories to be posted...sometime.

  • we've got a tropical storm (possible hurricane) coming toward us, but it's a baby one (so far).

  • i despise the net connection here with a firey passion (hurricane faye can only *improve the connection*). And Yahoo email is next on the list of things i will destroy when i am evol overload.

  • synecdochic posted the first section of A Howling in the Factory Yard (part of her Broken Wings universe). All is right with the world.

  • and i'm wondering why the hell folks aren't over on ivorygates and gigerisgod's LJs praising the latest fic from either of them. *is perplexed*

Because it's Monday, I am posting a totally gratuitous picture or two of Ben Browder. I think we need it.

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