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PSA about ficathons!

There's two ficathons still doing sign ups that need folks. (dear god what was I thinking for signing up for both?)

The beautiful, wonderfully evil (and oh so very sweet) kernezelda is holding sign ups for her Villains Ficathon. Sign ups end on August 15th.

It's been said that a hero's worth is measured by that of his enemy. And sometimes, one person's hero is another's villain. With that in mind, the possibilities for fic aren't limited to black-hatted mustache twirlers.

Crais. Ahkna. Staleek. Sun. Crichton. Natira. Scorpius.
Djancan-bru, Talyn, the Ancients, Jack.
Staanz & Namtar, Bekesh & Xhalax.

*rubs hands together*

Come tell the stories of history's outlaws and rogues, petty thieves and loyal minions, demons and tricksters and gods, oh my.

Seriously folks. Go sign up! Readers usually comment to these types of stories with 'this character is sadly written far too little'. Well here's your chance to make sure their voices are heard.

The second ficathon is apocalypse_kree. Last year there was some kick ass fic come out of this baby and I'm sure the same will be said this year. Sign ups to claim prompts is August 14th.

Come on folks, I know there are people on my flist that are interested in writing Cam/Teal'c and there are some excellent prompts that are just begging to be written for them. We need some Cam/Teal'c love here. There is so not enough fic about them. And that's not counting the dozens of other prompts for our other characters. So go sign up and write! :D
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