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Got a cool story for you.

As any one of you could understand, once I got the notification that my Continuum DVD was shipped I was incapable of going a day without checking the tracking information. So yesterday gets here and I know that it's due to arrive and UPS typically delivers here mid-morning. Well... I get up, call my mom up to see if my package had gotten here - I did but it wasn't the one I was expecting (turned out to a birthday gift for M I had bought from Amazon with a gift certificate) aaaaand I immediately go to the tracking to find out where the hell is my Continuum?!! Tracking says it was out for delivery. WTF?

Now cut to 9pm and on my way home after mom enslaved bribed me with a rootbeer float asked me into going to Dairy Queen for a Peanut Buster Parfait she was jonsing for after seeing a commercial for it and I get a call from mom asking where the heck am I. She wants her ice cream dammit. I tell her and she says casually: Oh, the package you were expecting just arrived. Turns out that UPS had put it on the wrong truck and when our regular driver found out about it she brought it out herself - on her off hours - and made sure it was delivered. Now when I say we've got a great UPS delivery driver I really really mean it.
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