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That's it. I'm done with Sci-fi. It has me looking up temporal paradoxes. Continuum Review

First of all let me ask that you forgive this because I am terrible at these things and tend to be slightly biased of certain characters (shush you in the peanut gallery), but I do try and view them equally in light of the story even if I tend to go all fangirl on occasion. I've actually got a couple big posts I need to finish for AoT and after mainlining the entire series here while back, but my love for this movie is on the serious freaking 'whoa' side of life and I must share my happiness. You might also hear from my vidder side of things, it can't be helped. Ever since I started vidding (and listening to a certain actor talk about filming during commentaries *glares at Ben Browder*) it has become a welcome hazard because I can honestly say that I can enjoy a movie on a variety of levels (this includes movies where I actually can't stand the story or acting).

Anyway… I shall start off with the admission that I have now watched this four times already (lost count, hazard of vidding.*blush*). Considering my obsessive personality when I like something… I'm doing good.

The sweeping shot through the SGC was a great idea for showing us all the background characters and since they've said that this was a stand alone 'classic' SG-1 story, it kind of gives you a sense of coming home. *thumbs up*

Here comes Ba'al with the sexy arms.

I like the way they had Vala disappear with one glace from the next.

The banter between Jack and Ba'al is precious as always. Ba'al's speech was very well done. I've grown quite fond of Ba'al in the last few months thanks to a couple ladies that write him exquisitely.

Now we're at sea in 1939, great shot of the boat at night. I recognized Ben's voice immediately when he spoke and I think I might have drooled a bit at his Boston (or Maine, can't tell really) accent here. What can I say, I love the way the man does accents. :) It was such a surprise to see him playing Grandpa Mitchell (whom I've named Elias. He looks like an Elias to me) and I believe this is where I first uttered the words 'holy f**k' because I thought 'no way was I right' about how they could possibly have fixed the timeline. I'll leave that theory for later. But when he twirled that little knife (or whatever) in his fingers I knew for sure who it was. For once TPTB got the freaking old age make-up right and Gran'pa Mitchell was a very handsome distinguished guy for his age.

Mitchells and charging into danger should have like a motto or something. I feel bad as hell for Gran'pa Mitchell and his crew.

Teal'c gone! On noes! I thought it was a good touch that Jack reached out and swiped through the area and Daniel speaks those most excellent words of wisdom 'I think we better get the hell out of here'. Then Jack goes right for Ba'al. "His People." You don't screw with Jack's kids. And then...

JACK! Really really dead and Cam blasts the hell out of the Ba'al clone. Yes!

Sam and Daniel have to be yanked away by Cam. *wibble*

The flipping back and forth between the time periods was really done good to show the immediate effects. Particularly when Gran'pa Mitchell gets fatally wounded and Cam falls. And Gran'pa keeps going doing his duty to his ship even though he probably figures he's dead. Now we know who Cam inherited his stubbornness from.

Ba'al is so damn smug because he knows this plan will work and he was right. More on that later.

But leave it to a Mitchell to mess up his plan to destroy the gate. EEEEEEE

When they're in the wormhole travelling, the change in color to reflect the switching point in the timelines was most choice.

My heart broke for Sam in that cargo hold and Cam knew just the right thing to say to her to get her going again.

Then my heart broke again when Cam and Sam had to leave Daniel behind. Imagine what it did to Cam at the idea of leaving anyone on the ice. *whimper*

I was actually surprised to hear Daniel say, 'oh shit', but the way he said it you knew that he was screwed.

I bet if they were in Antarctica and not the Arctic, Cam wouldn't have handled himself as well as he did. Just because the place. Either way though while he's trying to keep Sam going he's probably thinking about how the ice and the cold are still going to beat him.

Jack! Coming to the rescue. But oh noes. Sam's an astronaut? And a dead one? Hey, at least she got to fulfill that dream at least. *wibble*

Meeting up with other!Jack was most excellent. Daniel mentioning Charlie blew up in his face gloriously and if he weren't high on pain killers he'd have known not to say that. At least not in that way.

This Jack, oh my… there are other differences than Charlie being alive (and they so missed an opportunity to bring back Michael Welsh to play Charlie, that could have really messed with some heads), but you can see he's a lot harder than the cuddly General we all know and love. It actually threw me when he called them freaks and had that look of disgust on his face.

You've already heard about how brilliantly the debriefing was done so let me just stress IT IS FREAKING BRILLIANT AND AWESOME!

Not only with the way they presented it but they actually found a way to make exposition interesting. With the switching back and forth and the soft fades while having them talk over each other. And oh my what a set of performances from all three of them. Going from being cooperative and then you can see their frustration growing as they're not being frelling listened to and then they're angry and they are all three beautiful angry. Cam is about to flip out on someone because he's confined and he really doesn't like that at all and he probably would have went off on someone and that would not have been good.

"Seriously, who would make this shit up?" Daniel I love you so.

And here comes General Fucktard Landry. For what it's worth and despite how much I can't stand the guy, the scene was really well done. He had some good points about changing the timeline back and I'm glad that they had this character do it instead of Hammond because it is distasteful as hell what they do to SG-1.

The look on all of their faces when they're told they're being split apart… *massive flail*

Watching them being told the rules, how it broke them down even further about killed me.

Mmm… Cam has a new car. I prefer his old one but she's a treat to look upon. So is he leaning under the hood. (I'm shallow, so sue me.)

Those glasses on Sam are freaking hawt. And someone in that timeline's govt has childlike faith in Superman's disguise because they make her wear those things as if no one will notice who she looks like. Still…Sam is sexy as hell. (I did mention I was shallow, right?)

Aww… Daniel with his cane and going into the bookstore. I absolutely adore the look on his face when he reads the book jacket then we get that sneaky look of his that I also really freaking adore like mad.

This brings me to my one problem with the movie two Daniels in the timeline BUT I'm handwaving like a mofo because of the explanation set up for Cameron's existence. Something about the timeline changing while they were in transit bent the rules. I can buy that because we don't know everything and science used to be considered evol!magicks. So… *handwave*

Daniel reaching out to himself, hoping to make a difference in at least one more life and try and improve it. Daniel one day you'll listen to the words your speaking. Have faith, darlin'.

Cam goes home and it's not home and I just want to crumble for him. For all of them because they're all so very alone.

Al'kesh! And Sam and Cam get out the phones because there's no in hell they can not reach out and do something it's not in their natures.

For what it's worth, President Hayes rocks. I just love the way he talks with some common sense that all politicians should take note of and can snark wonderfully with Daniel.

General Hammond! Seeing him here only a couple days after Don Davis' death… *wibble*

Here comes Ba'al looking all sexy in the black leather (obviously he watched Farscape and approved of John Crichton's choice in apparel. :D) and Qetesh and Teal'c! Seriously is there anyone in this movie that doesn't look sexy as hell? *wallows in shallowness more because damn*

Hi, Apophis! "Did you plan to say that when you walked in," SLICE, "Or is that off the top of your head?" Oh, Ba'al… You did like Jack, you've adopted his sense of humor. ByeBye, Apophis.

"There is a God standing here with wet hands." *giggle* That line just makes me laugh so much.

Gotta hand it to Ba'al with how he got Teal'c to side with him. If there's any lesson he's learned from SG-1's exploits it's that Teal'c is a man of honor in whatever timeline and I think he really does respect him… *notices the looks you're giving me* Well, in his own special way. But most importantly, he's scared of Teal'c. That's why he needed him at his side as First Prime because T gets shit done when he says he will and his potential is unimaginable and if he's at his side Teal'c can't be stabbing him in the back.

Which is also a reason he has Qetesh as his queen, but he let his time among the Tauri make him soft in a way because he genuinely had affection for her and that was his undoing because his plan should have worked. It was almost perfect.

You know who's also smart because he pays attention to SG-1? Hayes. It is made of awesome that he'd figured out what needed to be done to fight back. It was so cool watching him say that and the team starts riffing like a mad and figuring out a semi-doable solution.

Gotta admit that seeing all those Goa'uld ships over Earth is gorgeous as hell and terrifying.

How freaking neat is it that Ra is standing there as a servant to Ba'al? (I can only imagine Daniel's reaction to that. Then he'd realize that Sha're and Abydos probably hasn't been destroyed. His home still exists, waiting for him to return (even if he'd have to re-establish his relationships) and he's working to kill them all over again. Sha're and Skaara probably have started families of their own by now. That'd destroy a person right there. *whimper* )

What SG-1 story would be complete without badguys posturing? Ba'al is being wicked cool and Qetesh is a beautiful blood thirty bitch. Lovely couple. And we hear his plan.. Like I said this was a damn awesome plan. Subjugation through kindness. I approve! Giving the Free Jaffa half of Camulus' land was so damn cool.

And now we get SG-1 back in action, back to fighting the bad guys any way they can which means Sam and Cameron flying F-15s and looking badass and we have (in my head) proof that they've flown together before because dudes… just look at them flying together! You know that Cam has missed this, they all have in a way, but the flying is a part of Cameron Mitchell.

Oh you don't even realize how much I love it when Ba'al brings out the phone. Say it with me folks: The man is freakin' SMART!

The look on Qetesh's face when he's talking to the President… my, oh my… She is definitely not just a pretty face. ;) But like I said earlier, living on Earth tainted Ba'al a bit and you can see it in his conversation with the Hayes and it makes him not pay attention to his Queen and he pays big time. Qetesh is amazingly ruthless and I knew in my heart that Claudia Black could bring me to my knees when she got the chance to play someone truly evil and she is brilliant as Qetesh. I don't like Vala too much as I've said in the past, but I have in these two movies. I've said that so that you can understand that I f*cking LOVE LOVE LOVE Qetesh.

The entire scene from the moment she slides that blade into Ba'al, his expression of shock, her voice when she tells him to put down the phone, all of it… GUH!

This is who I'd always hoped she'd be and she surpassed even my imagination. Now that is saying something (you'll understand this if you've ever read my dream posts.)

When they're looking out at the Earth and she has the sword impaling him, honestly it's beautiful. Because this is entire scene is so intimate and Ba'al knows he's dead and I think he tells her the truth when he said he intended to share Earth's treasures with her. "Another life, another time," he answers her honestly; which even when he knows his death is imminent he gives it to her reluctantly. From the first time that Ba'al saw Vala, you can see that he'd desired who'd she'd been for a very long time and now he has her and she has him.

Teal'c's spidey senses were tingling there it looks like when he reports about the second gate. Qetesh's expressions through Ba'al and Teal'c conversation makes me giggle but only with naughty girl glee. :D

"Now, tell me, my sweet…" You don't know how much I adore the tone she uses with this endearment. The hatred that rolls off of them could build a mountain. :D

Daniel is on the ball (no pun intended *giggle*) with the snark when he comments, "Oh we have him now," to Cam stating that Ba'al doesn't know there alive.

Eep! Bye-bye Antarctic gate. *waves*

And Teal'c returns and Qetesh shows her hand. Literally.

"My lord, shall I enact your final instructions?" "No, you idiot, save me." Hee! Gotta love a God with such wonderful working relationships with his underlings.

"Actually, my love, he's right." *slice* Dude, best death to a bad guy in a LONG freaking time. Byebye, Ba'al.*waves* (my hand is going to get tired with all this waving goodbye to folks. Oh the burdens one must endure. ;))

Seriously, Claudia should have been playing Qetesh her entire time on the show because… dudes. Aside from Ba'al she is the coolest Goa'uld ever. She really embraced the character and makes a person want to know more about her (side note: I am not going to listen to the voice in my head that wants to write a story for her. *shakes head* nope, I'm not.)

The shots of the Goa'uld motherships over the planet really are phenomenal, but my favorite though is when they all turn as one as Qetesh leaves for Praxyon - it is breathtaking. Definite kudos for this.

Oh Teal'c, you are one smart mofo by keeping the original gate's location a secret. Jaffa Spidey senses for the win!

And the attack begins. One thing that really rocks about all of the scenes with the F-15s is that it shows us the fact that both Cameron and Sam are damn fine pilots, particularly later during the night flying scenes. To me this is just another way of showing just how long they've known each other and flown together in combat.

When SG-1 receives the message, "The Russians have the other one," Daniel rubbing his hands together and saying, "Hello." is so awesome because that one word announces really how much Daniel has changed. He's ready to get his freak on and bust some heads to get things done and put things back the way they should be. And I don't hesitate to add that I think it also shouts out that he's wanting revenge for what has been done to him , to SG-1, to the entire fucking planet he's spent twelve years of his life protecting.

"Let's do what we need to do." Hell yeah, baby!

The shots of Earth being attacked are scary and something that really added a layer to the story. Throughout the movie we can feel that the stakes are higher than anything SG-1 have faced before and seeing this emphasizes this perfectly.

Cam has really come into his own as a leader for SG-1 and Jack would be damn proud of him. He doesn't hesitate to send those other pilots to their deaths when the death gliders show up on radar. Because they have a world to save and shit has to be done in order to accomplish it.

Ah… the night flying scenes. I've mentioned how much I enjoy these. Let me add the vidder in me has much unabashed joy for them. So beautifully done that I almost want to have their babies.

I know that a great deal of the fight is (has to be) CGI but it looks so amazing you really must applaud everyone involved creating it. And isn't it just beautiful the way Cam and Sam fly together? I really do love their relationship and how it encompasses respect, trust, comradeship; just their entire history is seen in how they fly together.

"We're Americans. Please shoot the people chasing us." Oh, Daniel, you really do have a way with words. *snerk*

Things do not look good when they get to the gate. The Russian soldier looks about fifteen and every time Daniel asks, "Are there any grown ups around that we could talk to," and they commence to cuss each other in Russian I giggle my ass off.

And here comes Teal'c making a classy entrance and looking badass as hell. The entire scene with them all pointing guns at each other is so damn cool. I love me a good Mexican standoff, gives a girl nice warm fuzzies.

Another reason I love this scene is because there has been no other point where I have seen them so on the mother f*cking ball and getting the drop on the Jaffa in seconds. I really can't think of when they were so damn in sync with each other. I mean… yes, we've seen them work perfectly together but here it was as if they were one person.

"To avenge Ba'al's death. The final task of a First Prime."
"Indeed." (Teal'c's face looks devastated because he knows that none of the other System Lords will allow his people freedom.)
"Well, that sounds great. We'll help out, right guys?"
"Sure, why not?"
"I'm not busy."
"Let's do it."

Perfect timing. None of them waver on what needs to be done. And Teal'c agrees because he's smart and knows that he cannot complete his mission if he's dead.

Cameron standing in front of the event horizon before the building is destroyed is so gorgeous. So is the next scene when he and Teal'c are pointing their guns at each other but Cam knows that he'll lose because he was caught off-balance exiting the gate. He'd let his guard down by forgetting that this isn't really the Teal'c he knows and trusts.

That wide shot of the machine as it comes on is gorgeous. The machine design itself is a great concept. Very different and it gives us a look into Ba'al's genius. It makes me wonder though just how much he got from when he was playing Anubis with his allegiance. He probably grabbed what he could and once Anubis fell once and for all he scavenged everything else he hadn't grabbed previously. Pretty damn sure that Anubis' kitchen sink is stowed somewhere on Ba'al's ship. *g*

And Teal'c rejoins SG-1 under the promise that Jack originally gave to win him over. Yay!!

Passengers, please note the fact that the writing on the green glowy ball display (Was Ba'al making a joke when he made it circular instead of flat display? Globe = ball = Ba'al. Ha! Funny!) is in Ancient. About time Daniel taught Sam that. I guess the events in Arthur's Mantel with her and Cam trying to communicate out of phase was a good lesson in 'teach the freaking scientist that handles these things how to read them'.

The 3D display is… yes… Gorgeous! What can I say, they did a rockin' job on all of the CGI.

Solar flares! How neat is it that Ba'al used something that happened to SG-1, something he wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for their existence in the first place in order to remove them from that same existence. Irony in action people. Take a picture.

The entire fight sequence was most excellent. I mean you can really feel the tension jump up a degree and it continues to build in pitch each second that passes. Cam, Daniel, Teal'c and the two Jaffa are doing some decent damage as Qetesh's Jaffa just keep on coming. There is no win in this for them, they know it and keep going.

Sam finds a flare they can use but it's ten years too soon but they have no choice, they don't have time. Another horrific bit of irony for you folks. We finally get a break in the action, but it's only because our hearts have seized when Daniel gets shot and falls into the dark depths of the machine. No ascension in this round, he finally receives a true death and peace.

Sam is stunned but she's a soldier, she's SG-1 and gets back in action if they're ever going to stop the end of the world again. She's working her mojo and getting the gate activated so that they can get the hell out of there when she's hit and I swear that the first time I put my hand over my heart and shouted 'NOOO'. Cam shouting her name as she dies… *whimper* And he puts that into the next shots fired, making them feel what he feels. When the gate activates, he doesn't stop but to yell for Teal'c to come with him and you know that he despised leaving Sam and Daniel behind, leaving his team behind, even if they were already gone.

How damn awesome is Teal'c that he doesn't attempt to join Cam through the gate, choosing instead to stay and cover him because he knows that Cam succeeding is the only way to gain the promised freedom for his people.

And here comes Qetesh. (I know that some have commented on how you can tell that Claudia is pregnant in this movie, especially with the dress that Qetesh wears but I've figured the way to explain that in regards to the character is that Ba'al liked to emphasis that she was his queen and since Qetesh was once considered to be an aspect of Hathor, she probably had that baby Goa'uld making thing under her dress as Hathor did in season one.)

I love the way she moves here and her laugh is freaking chilling. Yeah, they really should have had her playing Qetesh the whole time on the show.

"Perhaps I shall choose you as my First Prime after all."

I don't think so beootch. (yes, I went *there*) Boom!

Teal'c gets the last laugh and fulfills his final duty and blows them all to hell. Teal'c when people say you're the bomb - that's no damn exaggeration. *waves byeybe to Teal'c and Qetesh* *doesn't care how cheesy that is and flails happily*

And we're back at the beginning *gives Gran'pa/Elias Mitchell a pinch on his scruffy cheek*, aboard the Achilles. Only this time there's someone already down in the cargo hold of the ship when the crewman comes in. It's Cam, older and you can see his hair and beard are peppered with gray (and looking so handsome as hell) and he's continuing to do his duty and fix the timeline. He's been waiting for ten years to complete it. He's been the leader of a team that's been dead ten years but I'm damn sure that he's carried Sam, Daniel and Teal'c within his heart every second that's gone by, holding true that they don't leave anyone behind.

He enlists the help of the crewman that had arrived in the hold moments before the gate activates. Together they shoot the first few Jaffa that arrive through the gate. When Ba'al steps out of the gate, Cam is already taking aim and shoots him in the head. Ba'al falls dead with a look of shock on his face. *giggles with absolute glee*

You know.. I've seen Cam shoot people before in battle but the way he just stands there and shoots and kills Ba'al. He's more than a soldier (always will be a soldier) but at that moment he became a killer. It's an execution and oh so very personal. Ba'al has stolen Cam's life forever; everything he holds dear. There will never be a chance at finding real happiness or else alter the timeline more than he has. He would have probably have liked to have done it more slowly, as Ba'al deserved, but he put that need aside for common sense. To be quick and sure he was dead dead dead.

For a man with little patience he showed an affinity for it for it waiting those ten years.

Gran'pa Mitchell asks Cam who he is and he answers that he's basically a friend of the family.*whimpers and sobs* They both look out at the sea and you can tell from the look on his face that he's come to grips with the fact that he'll never return home. *gibbers*

From the moment he fixed it he wasn't actually a part of either timeline, so he was kind of outside of it. Heck he was outside of it from the moment the first he stepped through the wormhole and the time change happened (he was protected because of travelling through it during the change) because normally he would have vanished if he hadn't been born at all. (remember that's also my hand wave for there being two Daniels in the same timeline).

I figure he would have vanished once time 'caught up with him' if he lived until the moment the original change happened, but there's no way he could have lived that long since he'd be 117 at that point. Or he would vanish the moment 'he' is born (he'd be 79 in 1970), I'm going with this last one.

Cutting back to the present, we see that Cam was successful in returning the timeline to the way it's supposed to be. The extraction is carried out and Ba'al is dead for the third and final time. Gonna miss ya, dude, you were a cool ass villain (second favorite after Scorpius). Jack offers to buy everyone lunch and Vala sticks around with Ba'al's former host to help him start adjusting.

The last scene is Cam, Daniel, and Teal'c after they've changed into civvies and they're talking about the threat that Ba'al had mentioned at the beginning of the movie about having plans for them and the claim there was still one more System Lord left. They decide not to worry about it because he's dead and gone and Jack doesn't buy lunch that often. *g* Cam grabs his jacket from his locker and shuts the door but it swings open and we see a photo of Cam and his grandfather standing side by side in Boston Harbor in 1939. (Oh my poor baby boy Cam!)


Finally I've got to say, though I'm sure it's quite obvious to see if you've read all of this, that I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. The entire cast totally had their game on. Ben Browder really pulled off that he can carry a movie and I don't say that to undermine Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, or Michael Shanks. All of them made their characters freaking shine, but Cameron Mitchell is the heavy hitter in an obvious team story (in Ark of Truth, that was Teal'c). The script was great (and had a very cool twist to the standard time travel story) though I am still a bit pissed that I didn't get my scene with Cam and Daniel talking about Daniel losing his leg or the Goa'uld sex scene that Cliff Simon spoke of in an interview (I know it's not possible with the way this movie ended that Ba'al can be back in anything more than flashback but I would love the hell out of seeing him play Ba'al again. He rocked!). Directing kicked ass. Martin Wood should be allowed to direct any/all future Stargate movies.

The best thing though is everyone died (screw the fact there was a reset button, you knew that coming into this, it's the way they reset it that counts) and SG-1 did not save the Earth this time. That's so cool.

The end…for now. :D

*puts ice wrist after all the waving*
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  • SGA/SG1 Fic: Into Dust

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