Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Thanks Kerne

After downloading ScreenPrint32. I was able to get this sucker.

Why the background?

Because I love PK!John.*g* Since I found the software to do it. My background rotates once an hour because I have like 20 wallpapers that I like to look at. I'm greedy. LOL

Now this one is on my mom's computer for when I decide to hijack it from her and it's because I like the John/Scorpius relationship. (and not just in that way)

Why is your toolbar where it is?

You mean you can move it? I didn't know that until people started putting these up, but mine stays hidden until I need it.

Why are the choices on your toolbar present?

These are just the ones I use the most frequently. I also have MIRC, yahoo, and media player hidden there.

What the desktop icons are?

If I could, I'd have the IE and the AOL icons in the software folder with everything else. I like for it to be neat looking. I can't stand for the entire desktop to be taken up. Then there is the file with my stories that I'm working on or completed. Along with saved stories from others that I like to go back to every once in a while. And I have to have my Farscape music vids within easy access. *g*

Okay, now that was fun. *g* You guys can wake up now.

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