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That's it, I can't take it anymore.

After going back and forth trying to decide whether to do this ficathon idea, the picture of Ben kissing Micheal finally made up my mind. *wicked grin*

The idea is that Cameron and Daniel are just too damn pretty and they seem to go with just about anyone so I propose The Little Black Dress ficathon. This can be any type of fic, but Cam or Daniel have to be paired off with someone. I'd appreciate it if ya'll would answer my poll to see if there's any interest in it and since I have no real clue as to all of the ficathons going on, if you could suggest a time frame with the second portion of my poll. Thank you ever so much. :D

Poll #1230169 Little Black Dress Ficathon

Would you be interested in a Daniel & Cameron ficathon?

No, but I'd love to read anything from it.
No, but I'll pitch hit if you need someone
Maybe, I'll have to see if I can work out my schedule

What is a good timeframe to do this?

ETA: For some reason LJ isn't letting me see the results of the poll, so if anyone has answered the second portion of the poll could you post your answer in a comment I'd love you forever. *g*
Tags: cameron mitchell, daniel jackson, ficathon, poll
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