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Found a picture of Ben kissing Micheal at the Stargate panel yesterday!

If I find a better copy I will damn sure tell you guys!

eta: details of the kiss so far...

These are the details that I've found so far, via Crystal Moon on TF:

Actually, Ben might have started the madness since I heard from an eyewitness (a SG fan, actually) that Ben kissed Michael riight after he (Ben) came onstage. Here's what I heard...

Brad Wright was introducing all the cast members. He introduced Rick, Amanda, Michael, and then Ben. And when Ben came out, his hands were up as if he were waving to the crowd or in a victory pose or something, as we've seen him do before, and he walked up to Michael Shanks, grabbed him and kissed him. Then Michael Shanks turned to the audience, smiled, and gave them a thumbs up. :D I guess it was pretty funny. Wish I had seen it!

But maybe someone who was actually there can elaborate more on the story since I'm reporting it secondhand.

eta2: I've attempted to fix the top one up some but the quality is so bad I had to make it smaller after going a tad artsy with it.

Tags: ben browder, comic con, michael shanks, the kiss
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