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The key to science fiction is sexual ambiguity.

It's Friday, Comic Con is happenin right now and there's supposed to be an announcement regarding Farscape from the Boom Studios panel. So I bring you Farscape Bloopers for all! There are spoilers in these for seasons 1-3.

Serious spew warning for these, ladies and gents. I suggest you keep the liquids away from your mouth while watching. ;)

Doesn't he look purdy there all in black for the screening of Continuum?

This is from an article at Pop Culture Zoo:

Lastly, and definitely not in any way least, was the one and only Ben Browder. I asked Ben the favorite super-hero question and that got him thinking. He said when he was a kid, it was Spider-Man and probably has become Batman lately, but that he would really rather be the Joker. He said his answer would be he would rather be a super-villian. He then did a fantastic imitation of Syndrome from “The Incredibles”, which he claims to be one of his top five favorite movies now.
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