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Get it while you can!

If any of you've been wanting to grab hold of decent writing software Giveaway of the Day are offering up the newest version of Liquid Story Binder XE for free. I've had an earlier version on the PC for a while but honestly couldn't figure it out, but then I didn't really try since it seemed more complicated than what I was willing to deal with until recently. I've been using yWriter4 on my laptop since (it's free) you can only register the Giveaway software on the day it's offered and I'd downloaded Liquid Story Binder way before getting the laptop so I had to wait until they offered it again. While yWriter4 is pretty cool, I'm not too crazy about it for some reason (probably the fact it doesn't have a spell checker) and I do like the fact that Liquid Story's interface is much easier on my eyes.

Hope this helps some folks out that needed it.

Giveaway of the Day
Tags: giveaway of the day, software, writing

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