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*bounces happily*

I get to meet gigerisgod and her hubby here in about an hour and a half! *squee*!

Meeting Scapers and Mexican food at my favorite restaurant, this is going to be a **** day! (don't want to say the word out loud for fear of jinxing it, which already almost happened, but i dodged a bullet.)

eta: just saw this over on terra firma about the webisodes:

It's been almost a year since Sci Fi announced a Farscape Web series, but there hasn't been a peep about it for months. Where is the love? — Patrice

Mickey: I have a tiny peep. My Sci Fi source tells me that the webisodes are definitely still in the works. Less encouraging is the complete lack of a premiere date. But I'll keep an alien-like eye-protruding-from-forehead on it.

Tags: farscape, friends, meeting scapers, webisodes

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