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SG-1 Video: Ride On

Title: Ride On
Music: Night Ride Across The Caucasus by Loreena McKennitt
Spoilers: Stargate: Continuum
Characters: Ensemble
Links: My Website | MediaFire

Notes: This video is the result of a certain movie taking a nose dive into my head and screaming at me to make something with it. It also shows everything that I love about our team and their ability to endure past the impossible. I'd like to thank ivorygates for being my cheerleader through the making of this. I apologize for the size of this, but I've done the best I could getting it down given that the song is over eight minutes long. Still can't believe I even started it because of the song's length, but they pretty much called out to each other (ie: I had to or else combust) and I've never attempted something this epic before and I'm very proud of the results.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do and for those not familiar with how I vid, please keep in mind that I'm not asking for a technical critique. I simply enjoy knowing how the video affects you. Sounds cheesy I know, but I like to know my warm fuzzies are shared. :)
Tags: ba'al, cameron mitchell, continuum, daniel jackson, samantha carter, sg-1, teal'c, vala mal doran, vids
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