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Dr. Who

Now I really wasn't spoiled for this episode but judging by the reactions of folk's LJs (outside the cut) when this first air in the UK, not many was too thrilled. As usual I'll be the odd man out because I really enjoyed this episode.

There was so many things I liked:

- how it started out so relaxed but once things shifted, they went so fast you didn't have a chance to blink.
- the doctor didn't know what the fuck was going on.
- he never figured it out.
- he was fucking scared at the end. after donna repeated him, that look on his face. actually the look the instant before she repeated him. he looked so damn young and like he really appreciated her just talking to him.
- that brief glimpse of rose on the screen behind the doctor and you can tell she's screaming his name.
- lovely creep and anxiety factor with the knocking and the blank stare from sky as she repeated everything everyone said. it was chaos. story falls back on getting people to yelling to help amp up the tension but the way they did it.. now that was wicked. :D

eta: Ghost Hunters are even more freaking cool because they were in a commercial with Hellboy. :D
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