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Okay, not so yippee. I don't have the memory chips because for some reason the fates decided that the stores in my area would all be out of them. BUT they have been ordered and should be delivered in the next 3 days. Yay!

Spent all afternoon networking my mom's and my computers togethter. That was a bitch and half. Damn router didn't want to accept the IP address for her computer. Thank god I'm stubborn, but that wore my bootie out.

While at Best Buy I picked up School of Rock with Jack Black and an old movie called Trick or Treat with Ozzy and Gene Simmons in it. Corny as hell, but it's one of my favorites. Went searching again for Motorhead and Tom McRae...of course they didn't have them. So I left empty handed of CDs. Kicking myself for forgetting my list of CDs I want to get.

Okay, Chinese food should be here momentarily. Time to veg out while watching my movies.

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