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For the Americans on my list, may you have a safe and fun holiday with your friends and family.

For the non-Americans on my list, I just hope you have a really great day.

I've been working on my thoughts and a review of Continuum since yesterday. So far it's five pages and I just hit the climax of the movie so baby's gonna grow. Which begs the question, how should I post this because I really don't want to bore people to death on a holiday. ;) So I shall offer a poll to those that are interested in it...

Poll #1217794 Continuum Review

How should I post my review?

Single post
Two posts

I should have it done in a little while because I'm watching the movie as I'm doing it and having to keep pausing it so I can get thoughts written down and trying my damnedest to not just bask in the pretty. :D
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