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Farscape Deleted Scenes

Found some deleted scenes from Farscape that I hadn't watched in a long time and it makes me want to rewatch the whole thing from the start... again. :D It really doesn't take much to make me want to rewatch any episode. It never gets tired to me. It brings me a lot of joy to notice new things, character quirks or mannerisms.

From Season of Death (I remember reading a fanfic in the official magazine for the first scene on this clip.)

Deleted Scenes from Into the Lions Den and Dog with two Bones.

From Revenging Angel and Fractures

From Promises (I absolutely fucking LOVE the first scene with John, Scorpius and D'Argo.)

From Crichton Kicks (And I couldn't not post the one with Pebo! If you'd like to know why there are some of us that call Crichton "Pebo", you really must read kixxa's The Pit, The Pooch, And The Hootch.)

apathocles you might be interested in the second scene with Scorpius and Braca.
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