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I don't talk about the subject often if at all except to bitch every once in a great while to bitch that our government doesn't fucking know shit about what it's really like to be poor (and face it, most people are poor, only at differing levels) in this country and that they can kiss my shiny white ass.

Anyway, The candidate that I wanted bowed out early (John Edwards) but I was very happy to see that Obama got the nomination. I despise Hilary Clinton, but my reasons go back to when her hubby was president.

All I'm really going to say about Obama's nomination is: It's about fucking time.
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  • *kicks YIM in the nuts..twice*

    Sure... just as a girl is writing naughty hurt/comfort fic...YIM goes down. ETA: It's finally back up!

  • Emails Back!

    *hugs it* I'm so hopelessly addicted to checking my email. I need help. LOL

  • *kicks Yahoo in the nads*

    Bastards need to hurry up and let me back into my bloody email! I'm getting notifications but... *twitch* I can't access it. *twitch*

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