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Still Alive

While I'm still somewhat in a funk I'm feeling more my normal self. Take that bit of information as you will. ;)

I have yet to see Indiana Jones. This is not fair! I have waited since I was 11 years old to see Indiana on the big screen dammit! Of course I guess it's a good thing I haven't seen it in the theater as the employees would have to be cleaning up Kaz-bits from the seats and walls after I'd exploded with glee all over the place. I was listening to my favorite Orlando station yesterday and they had this girl call in and talk about the movie and it kinda pissed me off. I can get asking her how she liked it and all but then they had to prompt her to tell the big reveal to the movie without any consideration for anyone that hasn't seen it and who might not want to know. In this rare instance that would be me (Yes, the spoiler whore is avoiding spoilers). AND the way this chick says it… If I wasn't such a big fan of Our Man in the Hat I'd steer clear of it. *rolls eyes*

Sekrit message to gigerisgod: *twirls you in a monstrous hug of thanks for the smile*
Tags: indiana jones, personal, totally mental

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