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I'm Worthless. My baby brother told me so because I won't tote my computer over to his house so M can use it for homework. It is NOT my fault that their trailer is a dead zone and the wireless I put on M's computer can't get a good enough signal. Nor is it my fault that they're all too stupid about computers to realize the only thing you've got to do to mom's is PLUG THE FUCKER UP. Apparently I "broke" mom's computer when I unplugged everything to get my surge protector and wireless router (I still live close enough for her to pick up a signal..you know if it could be picked up better through the tin can of trailer).

jesus fucking christ

I'm taking my ass back to bed and finish watching King Arthur. (i knew some drama was going to pop up when i started watching this movie because it happens every god damn time i try to watch it.)
Tags: family rant

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