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Everyone wants to be a porn star.

I am sitting here giddy...giddy, I tell you... watching Southland Tales having acquired it yesterday. Sadly there isn't any commentary for it, but I did enjoy the making-of featurette in the extras. Dudes, I love this movie so much I want to write fanfic and vid it.

Last night I "found" a journal I created here while back and decided to make it an archive for links to SG-1 Darkfic.

"What you are going to find here is a wee bit of an archive for links to Stargate SG-1 darkfic of all types (gen, het, slash). Once a week I'll gather up what links have been provided and do one big post and hopefully a great deal of people will benefit from your contributions."

You can post links here.
Tags: sg-1 darkfic, southland tales
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