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Went to the Tampa Scapers meet up, and was only 30 min late due to getting totally freaking LOST! I had a map too. Just call me Crichton cause I was like where the hell are the exits? because I had ended up on some damn highway and I was supposed to be near downtown Tampa by one of the malls.

But when I got there it was a blast to see everyone again, it had been since I had went to Burbank. We all talked about different things Farscape related and non. *waves to gatorjen*

Hey girl, my email addy is in my info pages, so just hit me up that way.

Finally finished my turn at the Photoshop Challenge on Kansas. Figured I'd better put up or shut up since I was the one the picked the pics this time. Here's my contribution:

But today was a damn good day and I want it to last a while.

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