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Are we there yet?

I finally finished kernezelda's Stepford Leman... and OMG that is so killer. Gives me nice warm fuzzies just thinking about it. hehe It took me awhile to get through it. Got 3/4 of the way last night, but then this cold started kicking my butt again. Of course this was at 4am. Got back up at 6 cause of the spawn, plus 4, screaming next to my door.
Finally able to go back to sleep around 8, and YaY! I sleep 4 hours. And now I am done with this amazing story. Kerne you rock mightily. *does happy dance*

Scorpy808 put up two wallpapers from her secret stash that is not on her website. Warning: Drool alert!


Heavy Metal

Yesterday the ac/heating went out on the house and the temps decided to take a nice nose dive outside. Which basically means I no longer have moving out money or enough to move out on once I find a job. I'm going to fucking be stuck here forever. FUCK!

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