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I've seen several people mention the Duggars family this afternoon. The reactions mostly range from disgust to claims that the woman must be 'addicted' to having children.

You know what disgusts me?

Those reactions to one family's happiness. How fucking sad have we become as a society that when we hear of this family and feel anger or the need to insult them.

I'm happy for the Duggars family. If they have the love in their hearts and the means to care for ALL of their children more power to them. Though I do feel sorry for the littlest ones to have been brought into a world were people despise their parents for loving one another.

Yes, I know that there are thousands of kids in need of adoption, but that does not fucking mean you have to be insulting or have the right to be angry at this family. I don't care if she announced it on national tv about the new baby, still doesn't give any of us the right to pass judgment. More than likely they were prompted by the show to announce it to get the other kids' reactions.

Having that many kids is so not my thing, but then not everyone is cut out for it. Best of luck to the whole family.
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