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I'm a cereal killer

My nephew K constantly wastes milk by getting a big bowl for his cereal and pouring enough milk for three more bowls in it. And then doesn't even drink the milk afterward. I admit that really pisses me off when I'm left with just using non-dairy creamer for my coffee. But it's also just a natural pet peeve of mine since I was taught from a young age to only pour enough milk so that the cereal floats in the bowl, that gives you just enough to eat with the food and drink afterward.

So kiddo always overdoes it and if I happen to see him making himself a bowl I'll pour the milk myself because he never listens. When he gets all indignant about it, I point out that if he'd simply do as he's told I would have no problem with letting him do it.

Poll #1185264 Milk Does A Body Good

How much milk do you put in your bowl of cereal?

Just enough to make the cereal float.
More milk than cereal.
Ticky boxes love sugar flavored milk.
Tickys are for kids.

I am getting so tired of the internet connection in this area. For over a year BrightHouse has known that the main wires for the trailer park have needed replaced, they claim they've done it but I'm pretty damn sure everyone on this block would notice their trucks replacing them. If mom hasn't seen them, the kids would have since no one gets in this park without them knowing it (during the day at least).

Yesterday the connection was no better than dial-up (taking forty minutes to download a 15 mb file) and it screwed me up on some class assignments I'd uploaded, the attachments were blank when they were opened. It's not going over well since this isn't the first time this has happened this quarter. *facepalm*
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