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Deja Vu All Over Again, Man...

As I said before: Make up my damn mind, would ya!

Via Gatewordl:

Which Continuum cover art will win?

There is more than one image vying for the official spot on the front of your Stargate: Continuum DVD. The long-awaited movie hits the shelves on July 29, and FOX Home Entertainment is still finalizing the cover art.

We reported last week that the cover art would look like the one below on the left, with the gate looming over the Earth. That image first showed up at Amazon.com. This week, our friends at TVShowsOnDVD.com revealed the cover art on the right (visit the site to see a large version), which features the Stargate emerging from the Arctic ice and is based on the movie's teaser poster. That image was reportedly sent to retailers on Monday.


Fans almost unanimously celebrated the first image when it was first revealed -- a rarity for Stargate DVD art. It seems odd that the studio would choose to drop the image and return to the teaser poster art.

While it looked like the ice image had replaced the planet art, a FOX representative tells GateWorld that the left image -- with the planet -- will be the final cover art for the release. The packaging is expected to be finalized by designers this week, with the addition of some cast names (but not photos, as appeared on the poster).

You can find larger copies of both potential covers here and here.
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