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Happy Birthday halcyon_shift!!

I hope you've had a wonderful day and received all that you deserve and more. I'm sorry I'm late, but I do have something I've been working on for you. It's not quite finished yet so I'm giving you my Promissory Note of Gifting. *gives you a great big smooch on the forehead* Don't know what we'd do without you, chicka.

Lying in Rest snippet...

He rests one hand resting on the door, the other hovering just over the control to open it. Something in his gut is telling him that there is danger just on the other side, waiting for the first opportunity to latch its teeth deep into flesh too warm for comfort. Laughter is his only available weapon and he uses it, attempting to banish his fear to the darkest part of his psyche without success. There is no way to truly rid him of the fear and paranoia that grow in silence; binding him in that same wordless cacophony. It keeps him off-balance and vulnerable. He knows this and the knowledge wears him down further as he fights.

His lips form a prayer, a chant to fortify his strength, as he allows his hand to fall across the sensor. Pressing forward before his instincts force him to turn and run, to hide away from unwanted eyes, he breathes out the lungful of air he’d unconsciously been holding since stopping on the other side. There is someone waiting for him and he speaks her name.
Tags: birthday, farscape, fic snippet, prezzie

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