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just a wee bit of fic meta

About three years ago I'd posted a story called Wake Up on my LJ, at the time though it didn't have a name because it had been inspired by a dream I'd had a few days before. I know folks didn't care for it, but I still love the hell out of it because I really love that style of writing. When I had posted it on Kansas, someone (I believe it was rainer76) asked how exactly it fit within the Farscape universe and I'd put this together. Anyway, I was talking with ivorygates and showed her the fic and then the meaning behind some of it and she suggested I post this. I don't actually think anyone will care about the meaning behind a story they didn't like but I wanted to put this up for posterity so I don't lose it.

The house is a car is a ship that I lean my ladder against.
- Moya. She has been the crew's protector, their strength.

A lady waits for me. I won’t go to her, making it only as far as this ship will let me.
- TJohn's death.

I can see her. She mourns, and I care, but I really don’t.
- John distancing himself with the lakka.

Passing her by as if nothing substantial.
- John walking past Aeryn after starting the lakka at the end of JQ.

She covers her face. To cry, but a laugh takes its place. Face contorting with glee when her hands fall dead at her side.
- Aeryn at her breaking point in The Choice before falling back on her training to dictate her actions.

Then I fall, catching myself just before the edge. I look down into nothing.
- Moya being sucked into the wormhole at the end of Dog With Two Bones, leaving John alone to die.

Only blue water sifting and rolling beneath me, my ship, my house, my car.
- John occupying his time aboard Elack unlocking the wormhole knowledge and writing the equations on any surface inside.

It splits, white foam gathering at the edges.
- John's obsession and knowledge of wormholes growing until he's able to predict them.

And I wake up.
- Einstein paying John a visit and making him aware of the dangers.
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