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Cyberpunk Recs?

After viewing the clip of Southland Tales last night, ivorygates sort of pointed out that I should check out more cyberpunk and gave me a short list to check out (if I can find them since some are older fiction and out of print), but she also suggested that I ask for recs in the genre. I actually had no idea that the type of movies I enjoyed were called cyberpunk, I just figured they were cool sci-fi flicks. I'm still working my way through the fantasic list of recs you all helped me with last year (sadly I've only gotten through a couple of the books so far), so if any of there are any on that list that fit, feel free to point it out to me.

What IG has recc'd so far:

Neal Stephenson:
Snow Crash

William Gibson:
Johnny Mnemonic

Samuel Delany:

Pat Cadigan
Bruce Sterling
John Varley
Walter Jon Williams

She also linked me to a list of Cyberpunk to check out, but I'd love to hear of your personal favorites and why you enjoy them.
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