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Claudia Black is coming to the Farscape Convention!

Just saw the news and figured I'd spread the love.
Let the joyous news be spread throughout the land known as fandom: Creation Entertainment is happy to welcome aboard the lovely and talented CLAUDIA BLACK to The Official FARSCAPE CONVENTION 2008, coming to Burbank, California on November 7 to 9, 2008. As one of the genre's biggest stars Claudia is best known to audiences for her roles as FARSCAPE’s Officer Aeryn Sun and STARGATE SG-1's Vala Mal Doran.

Ms. Black joins her superstar co-star Ben Browder in headlining the convention, other guests include Kent McCord and David Franklin, with more to come!

Today we have put on sale autograph and photo op tickets for all celebrities booked for the convention, and we've added two food functions: our traditional Weekend Morning Brunch with Ben Browder and an all-new Afternoon Cocktail Reception with Claudia Black. Both of these new events are limited in size so please reserve your space today!

*puts in earplugs to protect against the loud squeals of happiness*
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