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Now this makes for a good start of the week.

Via TF

Ben Browder mentioned in Amanda Tapping Interview:
What do you think about the relationship between Sam Carter and Cameron Mitchell?

It’s just a deep, mutual respect. There was never any sexual tension between the two of them. And I think with would have been a huge mistake to go down that route. Ben (Ben Browder who plays Mitchell) and I have obviously discussed it, but it wouldn’t have made any sense for Carter and Mitchell to get together. Even though it would be extremely cute.

Is he as sexy in real life as he is on screen?

Honestly? More so. Whilst we were in the arctice – which was a surreal experience for the both of us – Ben and I were the only two actors there at the beginning. And when he looks at you with those clear blue eyes and his perfect smile, you just melt. I said to him: “That’s just wrong! What are you doing? Stop it!” And he responded, in such a suave voice, “What? What is it I’m doing?” so I told him, “You’re looking at me! Stop!” Seriously… he’s far sexier in real life than he is on screen. If you can believe that…

Full interview.
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