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Woot! Two great tastes that taste great together!

Via CosmicTheorist on TF:

Had enough new Farscape related stuff yet?

Thought not.

This just in from The Jim Henson Company: new Farscape comics will be coming soon from Boom! Studios.

Read the official press release, and see a "not final art" piece, here.

You can see a second "not final art" piece here.

You can download a copy of the official press release from the Henson web site here. (When you click for details on the Henson web page, you get a pdf file copy of the official press release.)

More Farscape is cool.

This is freaking awesome! I believe the first issue of War Torn was one of the very first items in my Farscape collectibles. And it's the only thing I'd ever cared about getting an autograph on (until this past year when I got Ben's autograph a second time when SylvreWolfe gave me a post card for Mount Mitchell, North Carolina). I've heard more than a few people, comic book collectors, sneer their noses at the artwork and story. I've always agreed that the story could have been done better, but I've always loved the artwork in them. The Nebari one was cool as hell and the outfit they had on Chiana... yowza. :D

So I'm happy to see this coming out and I'm really loving the fact that there's been several Farscape items being put on the market. Finally! That's one thing that I could never figure out: why would a company like Henson not be putting out buku amounts of swag for fans to buy? The demand for the stuff is definitely here since Scapers buy the heck out of anything resembling Farscape. (Just look at how things keep going up in price on Ebay when it comes to cast costumes and season one DVDs.)

I'm extremely happy to see that the stories have gone live for remixredux08.

When I saw which story my remixer had done I couldn't wait to read it and I was most certainly not disappointed. Go. Read and give that wonderful person love. About Face (The Janus Override Remix)

The other Farscape remixes are here, and you can find the SG-1 fics over here.
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