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*cries like a little girl*

I just finished ivorygates' A Mirror for Observers...

I'm just utterly floored by this. She made me hit every single emotion while reading this but when I hit the last few sentences I started tearing up and I just wanted to cry (and I mean the good cry) because the story was over and it is one hell of a long roller coaster ride and so fucking worth it.

If you haven't read this story yet, set up a nice block of time (I suggest a couple days). Make sure you have things to eat and drink and to throw at the screen, a pre-written letter of apology to ivorygates for cussing her out during the reading of the story (because you will. a great deal as a matter of fact). I also suggest padding around your immediate area because there's a good chance you'll just fall backward with emotional overload. Sounds like a lot of things to do just to read a story... they're worth it. Go read and don't forget to have that letter ready. :D
Tags: fic rec, sg-1

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