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Because I'm a masochist... a fic meme.

Snurched from cofax7.

Quote a bit of my fic at me? Find that one story of mine that you really like, and find a sentence or a paragraph that presses your prose-buttons in the right way, and comment here with it? Don't care how long or short.


Via MediaSavant on TF:
"Heatstroke", produced by David Kemper, written by David and Richard Manning, and directed by Andrew Prowse, debuts on SciFi on May 31st.

It' stars D.B. Sweeny.

This is the film that Wayne Pygram was filming in Hawaii last year.

and Via Kalliope on TF:

"Aztec Rex" (previous title: "Tyrannosaurus Azteca") written by Ricky Manning and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith will be aired on SciFi Channel on Saturday, May 10th, 9 pm.

About damn time we saw some new stuff by these boys. I've missed them dearly.
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