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Dr Who 4x02 Fires of Pompeii

Okay, Okay dammit. I now like Donna. She didn't annoy me last week and this week she did what I would have done in her place. I couldn't find anything wrong with either of them and their reasons. But she really won me over when she placed her hand on his. I never would have figured out what the soothsayers meant when they kept referring to her claiming nobility if it hadn't been for lizamanynames. Thank ya, doll.

Am I the only person that thought at first that Lucius was played by Roger Daltry? I wasn't sure though since there was something a bit off with him that could easily be makeup. I finally checked the credits and saw that he was actually played by someone named Phil Davis. Nothing of his work sounds familiar to me yet I swear I've seen in him before, which goes back to me thinking he was Daltry.

I loved the (plaque?) of the Doctor and Donna as the family's household gods. The art department did an amazing job with it.
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