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BSG 4x02 - Six of One

Well, it looks like you got the house.

Damn you BSG for making me want to cry.

I am freaking impressed as hell with this episode. Everyone was perfect and for once I really cared about them and most importantly... I believed Lee/Dualla for once and that they really cared for one another and not just being a rebound relationship. I also didn't feel like Lee/Kara was being shoved down my throat in the scene in her cell.

I'm not happy with Roslin because she's lost faith, not only in Starbuck but also herself and is simply following on the course she'd set them on. She's forgotten that part of herself, a certain innocence, that allowed her to take chances. Starbuck was right to point out that she had followed Roslin on simply her word about a vision.

Adama is and always has been the perfect combination of faith and reason, but his responsibilities to the fleet allow reason to dictate too much his choices when faith is most needed. That's one reason why I love his relationships with Roslin and Starbuck, they each allow him to step back and make the appropriate (which are not always right) choices.

Baltar, oh my lovely fucked in the head batshit crazy Baltar. How much do I fucking love you right now after that scene in bed with Tory. You gave me chills. *thumbs up* Good job!

I'm definitely going to be watching this again because I know I've missed a some details.
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