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A quick "heads up" for anyone in the UK who has Sky - it's on Sky One tonight (Monday, 24th March) at 8.00 pm (directly after part 2 of "The Colour of Magic")

In between dealing with kids and easter eggs yesterday I was reading my flist and came up with the idea to create a meta community for fanfiction. Readers may ask writers to give a "DVD Commentary" for a specific story that they've written. Writers may answer new requests or post links to commentaries they've done in the past. Readers may also post commentaries they've done on other writer's works, providing the writer has previously given permission for a "DVD Commentary" to be done.

Membership in the community is open to all. If you're interested, or if you have suggestions for the community, you can post them here.

Tags: ark of truth, fanficdvdcomm, fic discussion, pimping, writing

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