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Comic Con info via thevaliumsofalj

For anybody interested in going to Comic Con this year, you must know that this year - for the first year - they will not sell any memberships on site this year. Everything is going to be sold online. So, if you're planning on going, buy your memberships now.

I don't know if Ben is going to be there, but it's very likely since they're planning on pimping the hell out of SG-1 Continuum that weekend because it's due out on DVD around that time. (I really don't know which of the actors from SG-1 are going to be there).

For Farscape fans, David Franklin and Gigi Edgley are already scheduled for the con. Hopefully we'll hear more news on the webisodes, but that bit really depends on if Brian Henson or Rockne O'Bannon will be there.

Speaking of Rockne... you should check out the new ScapeCast (#50) for part one of his interview with them.
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