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Gratuitous Ben and a Instant Rec

I'm shocked I haven't done this in over a week. Shame on me.

This is a picture I recolored today because I had to do it. Absolutely no choice in the matter when I saw the original.

ETA: I almost forgot to post about this, but I have an instant recc for you all. ivorygates has posted one of the most gorgeous fics ever. It's an AU sequel to Waterloo Bridge. It's schmoopy dark!fic of the best kind and you know that's saying something since I'm not into schmoop very much. It has to hit a specific chord and ladies and gentlemen, boy does she ever hit it. Now go. RUN and read and leave feedback.

Never Pay the Reaper with Love Only
Tags: ben browder, fic rec, picspam, recolored, waterloo bridge

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